Interview with a former board member - Aad van Leeuwen


  • Study: Financial Economics
  • FSR position: Former External Relations

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? What sparked your interest in the field of finance?

My name is Aad van Leeuwen, I am 25 years old and held the position of External Relations of the 24th board. In my spare time I like to travel and do sports, such as tennis and running. Currently I am training for the marathon of Rotterdam! My interest in finance was sparked during the partnership meetings with FSR partners, where I got to know a variety of companies and people in the industry.

What inspired you to apply for a board member position at FSR? How did you experience the interview process?

At the end of my bachelor, I wasn’t sure which master I wanted to follow and which career path I wanted to pursue. I decided to do a board year at FSR to gain insight into different career opportunities, carry large responsibilities and develop myself, while still enjoying my life as a student. I experienced the interview process as doable. After talking a lot with previous board members about what the year entails, my motivation was clear and I knew what to expect.

Can you describe your role as External? What did your week look like?

As External Relations, you have the unique opportunity to get to know a lot of people and companies in the industry. You’re responsible for all the revenue streams from companies and it is your responsibility to make sure interesting companies participate in events of FSR. The summer and beginning of the academic year are an important period as External Relations, as you discuss the collaboration for the upcoming academic year with all partners. These company visits are extremely fun as you get to know people who are passionate to tell you about their work. You also have to present yourself in a professional way and learn how to become professional. The rest of the year, you keep in touch with the companies for the relevant events and organise the Financial Business Cycle, the Investment Week and London Finance tour. In addition, you work together with the Career Committee to develop the Financial Career Platform by publish interesting articles or podcasts.

How did the experience of a board year compare to your previous expectations?

I already had quite a clear picture of a FSR board year. What might have surprised me were the responsibilities you get at the beginning of the year. At first, this can feel a bit overwhelming but at the same time it is fun and makes sure you have a very steep learning curve.

What skills did you develop during your board year?

The company meetings and contact with the partners of FSR helps to develop yourself professionally, in both verbal and written communication. Managing committees ensures that you improve your leadership and process management abilities. In addition, working together with your fellow board member improves your interpersonal skills.

What was the highlight of the year for you?

One event which stands out for me was the London Finance Tour during which we went to London with 20 students. After the four-day event, the rest of our board flew in for the weekend were we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee! Furthermore, our board trip to Cuba was a once in a life time experience as well! But I also think of all the fun moments and activities during the year such as the Wipe-Out activity with all committee members.

Can you tell us something about what you are doing now? How does FSR play a role in your current occupation?

The most valuable thing a board year at FSR helped me in was finding out which career I want to pursue. After my board year, I was really motivated to start my Financial Economics master. I also developed a professional network and did an M&A internship at a company with whom I came in touch with during my board year. From April onwards I will do another internship at a company I came into contact with during one of FSR’s events.

What would you recommend to anyone who may consider a board position at FSR?

Inform yourself as well as possible! This translates to reaching out to (former) board members to get a better understanding of what a board year consists of and what motivated them. This really helps to find out if this is something for you. If you have any questions for me, feel free to reach out at + 31 6 34 73 40 73.


FSR is looking for the 27th board!

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Interested? Send an email with a cover letter and resume to The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 28 at 23:59.
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