FSR & B&R | Investment Week & Symposium

Investment Week & Symposium 2024: Waves Of Change!

Are you intrigued by the world of finance and eager to dive into sectors that seem beyond reach? Investment Week 2024 is your golden ticket! 

Jointly brought to life by B&R Beurs and FSR, this exclusive event is your chance to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the financial industry. From asset managers and hedge funds to private equity mavens and investment bankers, prepare for an enriching week of workshops, case-solving, and networking opportunities that could reshape your future.

Event overview

  • Event period: May 13 -  May 23
  • Registration: You sign up for the days individually 
  • Target group: Third-year bachelor and master students 
  • Application deadline: April 28


  • Day 1: M&A Boutique
  • Day 2: Private Equity
  • Day 3: Fund Day
  • Day 4: Asset Management
  • Day 6: M&A
  • Day 7: Trading


Instagram: @investmentweek.symposium
LinkedIn: /Investmentweek

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