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About ACT Commodities

ACT Commodities, the home of collaborative trading

Since 2009, ACT Commodities has been helping businesses around the world buy and sell environmental commodities for compliance and voluntary purposes. We lead the way by trading a uniquely comprehensive product choice, supported with outstanding customer service. Our broad scope in certificates is complemented with a wide range of physical (bio)fuels and feedstocks.


A single point of contact for certificates, fuels and feedstock

ACT Commodities trades certificates for carbon emissionsrenewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as physical biodieselfeedstock, oleochemicals and oil and petroleum products. Access to a broad suite of environment-related commodities enables companies to satisfy compliance requirements and meet voluntary sustainability goals. At the same time, our extensive foothold in the industry surrounding fuels, feedstocks and oleochemicals keeps refiners, blenders, manufacturers and end-users reliably supplied with on-spec products.

Meet our people

Our teams are comprised of talented individuals from many different countries. Together, they create a dynamic, multi-cultural environment that brings out the best in everyone and results in outstanding customer service.

Our team

Our history, culture and vision

Since being founded in 2009, ACT Commodities has always led the way in trading energy and environmental commodities. Our open-minded vision and collaborative attitude enable clients to access to an unrivalled global product portfolio, via dedicated employees who enjoy a uniquely beneficial company culture.

Our company

How we serve you better

Our collaborative approach to service means every client benefits from the entirety of our knowledge, experience, network and commitment to customer satisfaction. End-to-end personal attention to detail enables everybody to trade with ease and confidence.

Our service

Better Together

The success of ACT lies in collaboration. About getting things done together. Together with our team. Together with our clients. Not as a supplier but as a partner.

Unconditional collaboration is our trademark. This counts for our corporate branding. As well for our employer branding. The power of collaborative trading is about working together. About speaking the same language. Literally and metaphorically.

It’s about the team, the people. The joint effort. It’s about the unmatched drive, commitment and personal approach. The close relationship with our clients. The ‘One for all and all for one’ mentality. The strong collective.

It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about us. We learn, succeed and celebrate together. We trade together, we benefit together. And you know why? It’s because we’re better together.

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