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About Nerisa

NERISA is an active investor operating out of offices in Luxembourg and Rotterdam. We focus ourselves on financial instruments across the capital structure of publicly listed companies in Western-Europe and the United States. Since 1999, we have a long-term investment horizon as well as actively exploring event driven opportunities.

We’re always interested in growing our team with intellectually curious and diligent finance professionals whom have completed their Masters in Finance, Accounting and/or Business with well above average grades and a proven interest in finance. You will become part of an experienced team where inclusivity, thoroughness, and creativity are at the heart of the organization. 

Has the above risen your curiosity and would you like to have more information, please visit our website at or send an e-mail to:

Inhousedays at Nerisa

During our event, we will go over our general investment process and key insights relevant to making investment decisions from both a quantitative and qualitative point of view. Hereafter, you will take on an actual case-study regarding a Dutch publicly listed company. You will estimate if the company might be a good investment opportunity, present your reasoning and highlight what you found important in the decision-making process. This opportunity is designed to help you experience practical application of finance theory and just how much more is involved in the process of making good investments.

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