Trading, Quantitative Finance, Risk Management
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About UTR8


UTR8 is a young and vibrant international company that was founded in 2011 as a proprietary trading firm by former partners of one of the leading firms in the business. Trading on own account and risk, we maintain a continuous market presence on many major exchanges around the world.


Our focus is on providing liquidity to the financial system by capitalizing on price discrepancies between instruments. By offering competitive quotes, we contribute to efficient and transparent markets. Our success hinges on a deep understanding of the factors influencing financial products, from stocks to derivatives.

Team and culture

Our talented, experienced team has the drive to outperform in a results-driven world. We believe working in a relaxed but focused atmosphere is one of the keys that make our success durable. Therefore, maintaining our culture as core value is one of the three elements of our success. Excelling in unique strategies and partnerships are the other two drivers on which our company is built. Our headquarters are based in Hong Kong and we have operational offices in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Baar (Switzerland) and obviously Hong Kong. In 2024 we will open our fourth office in the Caribbean, after which there is no region in the world left to conquer!

Start as a graduate trader

UTR8 is home to some of the industry's most talented traders. and we are looking for talented candidates with a relevant university degree throughout the year that have the potential to reach the same level, so if you feel you fit the profile, don’t hesitate to enter into our recruitment procedure for graduates.

We believe that you learn on the job, expect a proactive attitude and you will be able to do your first trades within a few weeks. No classrooms, but an intensive in-house training. The job is demanding; we expect you to work hard, show dedication, be autonomous and are eager to learn. On the other hand, this job is very rewarding and so are we as a company!

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