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About WEBB Traders

WEBB Traders is a global proprietary trading company and market maker, active in electronic trading on leading international equity and derivatives exchanges. WEBB is short for ‘Worldwide Electronic Bulls & Bears’, was founded in 2009 and has 54 employees.

Our business is characterized by a large diversity of arbitrage and market making strategies in mainly derivatives and cash equity executed on multiple exchange platforms. With memberships on and access to leading global Exchanges, WEBB is able to trade across the globe. WEBB’s philosophy is based on a systematic and high-end quantitative approach to markets and trading opportunities thereby maintaining low overall risk and limited overnight exposures of listed products.

WEBB’s approach can be best characterized as: Discover-Develop-Deal!

Entrepreneurial and innovative, embracing teamwork to fully exploit synergy and creativity. Top-notch software development and trading teams are a reflection of this approach. Our memberships combined with our vast network of market participants and inter-dealer broker relations secure access to interest and volume and we are well positioned to provide liquidity in most asset classes. WEBB has a fully owned IT-infrastructure with multiple co-location set-ups across Europe which guarantees fast and high capacity connectivity.

WEBB trades for its own account and risk and is regulated by AFM, the Dutch Financial Authority. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and is supported by a broader presence with offices in London, Paris and Hong Kong from where the regional and US markets are traded.

Want to become a WEBBER? Let us know since we are frequently looking for ambitious, bright and pioneering people to join our various teams! Check our WEBBsite, Linkedin company page for regular updates or contact WEBB for more information on a potential internship, student work or a full time job.



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