YGroup Companies

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About YGroup Companies

YGroup Companies is a fast-growing advisory firm focusing on strategy development, execution, analytics and partnerships. We currently have offices in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and New Delhi. At Y, we take pride in not just having clients, but to develop true partnerships instead so that we can deliver real long-term value. Our mission is to enable our people and our business partners to realize their full potential.

At Y we share an entrepreneurial mind-set, a compelling passion to create and, more importantly, a firm belief in our risk-sharing business model, which is embedded in our culture and safeguarded as we evolve.

We are a team of over 200 passionate professionals with distinct personalities from various backgrounds and nationalities. We believe in the power of diversity and treasure and protect our culture with care.

Through our entrepreneurial model with “skin in the game”, YGroup is not limited by the existing models of the more traditional consulting firms. We help our business partners to solve complex issues, capitalize on opportunities and transact as and when needed while forming bespoke and meaningful long-term partnership.

That’s what we do. That’s Y.

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