Financial Business Cycle 2021

Private equity/M&A Dinner

Are you interested in what the work in private equity and M&Aentails? The private equity/M&A dinner gives you the opportunity to learn more about this! 

The participating private equity firms Mentha Capital and Penta Infra and the M&A firms PhiDelphi and Corporate Finance International will have various of their recruiters and other company members present to be able to give you their insights. You will be able to form connections with these great companies to start off your future career! 

Due to the COVID-19 rules, a QR-code from the coronacheck app is needed to participate. During the dinner you will get the opportunity to talk to the company representatives while enjoying food and drinks.

Note: Fluency in Dutch is required and the dresscode for this event is business formal.

For more information about the participating companies check out the following links: 
Mentha Capital                       
Penta Infra                             
Corporate Finance International

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